Shoe & Feet Information
Six-Point Perfect Fit Check
Poorly fitted shoes may cause your children's feet to develop imperfections.  But with the Brinkman's Shoes six-point perfect fit check, we can determine whether your child's shoes really do fit properly.

1. First, the all over length of your child's feet is checked from the topmost part of the toes to the hindmost part of the heel.
2. Next width. It's taken across the ball of the foot, that cushiony little pillow up front that bears the full force of your child's weight during each step.
3. Another length check.  This time from ball to heel.  Because every child's foot, like every child's body, has different proportions. You might think of it as a check for a "long-waisted" or "short-waisted" foot.
4. The top of the shoe's heelshould just barely kiss the ankle. If it's too low, your child's foot may slip right out of the show, undermining self-confidence and possibly causing injury. If it's too high, it may cause blisters.
5. A proper vamp crease must cross your child's foot just below the instep. Otherwise, the foot will become chafed and sore.
6. Finally, we make sure the heel of the shoe hugs your child's heel and holds it in place. The foot shouldn't wobble around and feel lost in space.

The purpose of all these points is that fit is more than just how it feels or how it looks.  Fit is a whole system of checks and balances which make sure that your child's shoes contribute as much balance and support as possible.
How do feet grow?
Brinkman's stocks 230 sizes and widths to fit growing feet.

Over the first 10 years the average foot will grow about 17 full shoe sizes or 34 half shoe sizes, a total of about 6 inces or 1 1/2 times the size of the foot at birth.

Good shoes, properly fitted, allow for growth, but shoes that are too long interfere with the child's progress and may cause excessive stumbling. 

Below are approximations based on observation.  Large children grow more rapidly and small children grow more slowly:


Up to 1 year

1 to 3 years

3 to 5 years

5 to 8 years

8 to 10 weeks

8 to 14 weeks

10 to 16 weeks

12 to 20 weeks
Research has shown that 80% of children wear shoes that are too small.

We also want you to consider an active child will run and/or walk an average of 3 miles a day, so wouldn't you agree that properly fitted shoes are important to ensure that your child has good foot development?

In most cases, adult foot problems can be contributed to improperly fitted footwear in early development years.

Brinkman's provide quality footwear to ensure your child's proper foot development. This will help provide healthy feet throughout your child's life.
What is the cost for children's shoes?
Quality shoes that are fitted will cost approximately $40.00 to $60.00. Shoes are priced by size and style. Brinkman's fit the finest quality children's shoes made. Our large inventory includes over 230 sizes from newborn through adult size ten, in multiple widths - narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide.

Also consider part of the purchase price is knowing your child's shoes fit properly. Does the health of your child's feet have a price?
When does my baby need their first pair of shoes?
Brinkman's stocks several styles of newborn and gift-type footwear such as Robeez, Pedipeds, Stride Rite and others. They are really only a protective foot covering that they wear from birth until the time your baby begins to try to stand.

Brinkman's stocks walking shoes in whole sizes, half sizes, and 4 different widths. (medium, wide, extra-wide, and triple-wide) These are to wear during the learning-to-walk stage. Because these are your baby's first functional shoes, Brinkman's quality fit beccomes important for proper foot development. Shoes at this stage have a smooth, flexible sole and a firm counter to provide the needed support for the walking child.
What is the shoe club?
The shoe club is a loyalty program.  There are no cards to keep track of, it is all kept on record at the store under your phone number.  How it works, you buy 12 pairs of shoes and you get your 13th free, based off of the average of the 12 you buy.  There are no expiration dates and everyone in the family goes on the same account.

Note: All shoe purchases qualify except for the semi-annual sale purchases.
Do you have lay-a-way?
Yes.  There are no lay-a-way fees and you can put them in with only $5 down per pair.
Do you have gift cards?
Yes.  You can Brinkman's gift certificates in any denomination you want.  Also, you can call us at (765) 288-1561 and have a credit applied to any account.
Shoe Rules
Rule #1 Find a fitting expert you can trust

It pays important dividends to purchase your child shoes from knowledgeable, professional shoe fitters who make it their business to keep up-to-date records on your child's shoe size.

Brinkman's has experienced shoe fitters that provide your child with an enjoyable shoe buying experience.

Rule #2 Have your child's shoe size checked regularly

Shoes don't grow but little feet do.  Poor fitting shoes on your child's feet are not only uncomfortable, they can cause permanent injury. Studies have shown, wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause, not only, foot and leg problems but also hip, back pain, and even migraines. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their child has properly fitted shoes.

At Brinkman's there is never a charge to have your child's feet measured.

We advise that your child's feet be measured:

Up to 1 year8 to 10 weeks

1 to 3 years8 to 14 weeks

3 to 5 years10 to 16 weeks

5 to 8 years12 to 20 weeks

Rule #3 Hand-me-down shoes are an open invitation for TROUBLE

No two feet are exactly alike, even your child's right foot is different from the left one. Shoes become formed to the feet of the wearer. In most cases quality shoes will probably have wear left in them by the time your child has out-grown them, but for the health of your child's feet please discard them.

Rule #4 Wearing poor fitting socks can be as bad as wearing poor fitting shoes

Wearing socks that are too small can cause the same problems as wearing shoes that are too small and wearing socks that are too large can bunch up and cause blisters.  Brinkman's carries the in-between sizes that a lot of other places don't carry.

At Brinkman's, we recommend cotton socks for children. Cotton socks work with leather shoes, allowing feet to breathe, and thus helping to promote healthy skin. Nylon and acrylic socks tend to trap the heat and moisture in causing skin to crack and peel.